I’ve been creative from a young age and I draw because it makes me happier. I like to connect with that deeper part of me to create. My inspiration comes from a myriad of places including women, fashion, magazines, flowers, films and literature. 

The women in my drawings are different characters, and come from various places in time like the many roles we play in life and the actors we watch in films and in theatre.

I have been interested in how women have been portrayed and viewed in society and being an actress I have direct experience of being gazed upon. As well as being judged for the work I do and for talking about certain subjects.

My interest in fashion comes from my mother and grandmother who were seamstresses as I developed an early interest in clothing and fabric. Sometimes my drawings form a landscape of childhood memories.

I also have an archive of drawings, photographs and videos which I revisit in order to incorporate the older work in the new pieces to create a sense of timelessness.

I have always had a strong connection to flowers and plants observing them gives me a sense of calm and peacefulness. I am interested in the language of flowers and their hidden meaning.

I work as  an actress in Theatre, TV, Films and voiceovers. As an artist/performer, I’ve worked with live performance, experimental short films, live music and projections.

My solo shows and storytelling performances meld urban stories, mythology with autobiographical elements. Themes I’ve explored are female issues in particular female sexuality, subversion of traditional gender roles and the psychological concept of reality and illusion. 

Another aspect of my work is experimental films, they have been screened nationally and internationally and sometimes have been projections backdrop for the solo performances. In my film I mix original footage with 1940’s archive movies. The films explore the concept of personal mythology, how our identity is shaped by a connection with the past and our ancestors.

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